Organisational structure

INDanube, one of three regional innovation centers of the European Inland Innovation Platform (EIBIP), addresses technology providers, investors, (end) users, authorities and policy makers, media and other stakeholders with dedicated interest in the uptake of innovation by the IWT sector on the TEN-T Core Network.

Run by Pro Danube Management GmbH, the innovation center benefits from regional expertise of three key organizations from Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, which provide support to the Danube navigation sector to develop innovation projects. With know-how from Pro Danube International (the association for the promotion of Danube transport) and partner organizations, INDanube facilitates innovation actions in four main areas:
• Rapid uptake of alternative fuels such as LNG/CNG, GTL, renewables
• Significant reduction of energy consumption
• Significant reduction of pollutant emissions from ships such as NOx & PM
• Introduction of new vessels or inland waterway based logistic concepts to attract markets that are currently not using inland waterways

Together with partner organisations, INDanube contributes to the formation of a Danube IWT Innovation Platform, a platform which unites IWT knowledge organizations from all Danube States providing know-how for innovation projects and multiplying the innovation promotion and facilitation efforts of INDanube.