Danube Transnational Programme Projects

The Capitalisation Strategy designed by the Danube Transnational Programme is aimed to promote synergies between projects on similar topics (gathered under a Thematic Poles) and increase the visibility and impact of their results. Each Thematic Pole identifies the synergies among the projects within the same pole, reinforces the existing networks of relevant stakeholders and creates new ones and fills in the knowledge gaps by linking actors with complementary thematic specialization, experiences, methodological approaches or territorial relevance.

The following funded projects by the Danube Transnational Programme are part of Thematic Pole 7 “Waterways”:

DANTE – Improving Administrative Procedures and Processes for Danube IWT

DANTE aims at identifying and eliminating the administrative barriers for inland waterway transport (IWT) on the Danube & its navigable tributaries as a joint initiative of the private sector and the national public authorities responsible for these barriers.


DAPhNE – Danube Ports Network

DAPhNE aims to facilitate a balanced development of Danube Ports as eco-friendly, well accessible multimodal hubs for the transport system of the region and to turn Danube Ports into buzzing economic centres functioning as catalysts for economic growth and creation of high value jobs.


Green Danube – Integrated transnational policies and practical solutions for an environmentally-friendly Inland Water Transport system in the Danube region
Green Danube addresses major challenges in the Danube transport system and provides practical solutions to be used in subsequent emission reduction strategy and for further development of safer and low emission IWT as well as for the implementation of innovative green technologies.Web:
Danube Skills – Increased institutional capacity in Danube navigation by boosting joint transnational competences and skills in education and public development services

Danube SKILLS will contribute to the adoption in the Danube region of the new European legislation on the recognition of professional qualifications and the common standards and will assist public institutions responsible for Danube navigation development in the transnational promotion of Danube logistics.


Danube STREAM – Smart, Integrated and Harmonized Waterway Management
Danube STREAM aims to establish and maintain an efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network (Danube and its navigable tributaries) by further developing effective waterway infrastructure management.Web:
DBS Gateway Region – Regional and Transport Development in the Danube-Black Sea Region towards a Transnational Multiport Gateway Region
DBS Gateway Region project aims at supporting the Danube-Black Sea region to become an attractive gateway region for maritime and inland waterway transport between Central Europe and the Black Sea, the Caspian region and the Far East by facilitating the cooperation within and with the region and its actors.Web: