Main services

Successful innovation transfer demands the definition and application of a wide portfolio of instruments. INDanube organizes the knowledge transfer in the Danube region regarding the innovation needs from the perspective of the society, vessel & fleet operator, transport users and logistics operators, authorities and policy makers.

The main services offered range from preparation and operation of Green IWT Platform, to dedicated information sessions and project assistance, promotion and awareness campaigns as well as advocacy actions.

INDanube – Overview of main services (Start-up Phase)
Target Groups Service Categories Main Services
Vessel & Fleet Operator Information Services Technology Radar
Public Funding / Finance Advice
Regulatory Framework Advice
Good Practice & Lessons learned
Project Assistance 1st Level Analysis
Identification / Support Finance & Funding”
Partner Search /Consortium formation
Transport Users &
Logistics Operators
Preparations & Operation
“Green IWT User Platform”
Green Good Practice Dissemination
Project Facilitation / Partner Matching
National Authorities

EC Services

Advocacy Green IWT Regulatory Framework
Public Support Schemes & Initiatives
Media & Wider Public Info & Communication
“Greening IWT”
“Innovations in IWT” News
Event, PR materials, media work