DIONYSUS: results are now available

The results of DIONYSUS fed into the elaboration of transport corridor development policies by means of gap analysis reports and recommendations. The project provided the necessary framework to identify shortcomings in rail and road access infrastructure of the Danube ports and consolidate investment needs based on comprehensive market analyses. Matching port planning with transport infrastructure and Regional Economic Development Plans delivered concrete recommendations for their adaptations in line with the specific needs and priorities of the sector, corresponding with the current greening and digitalisation trends in Europe. Targeted and niche-specific case studies for Container Liner Services and Agricultural Products have been developed, whereas an Infrastructure Master Plan for the river cruise industry was elaborated to cover the tourism sector as well. Other essential outputs of the project resulted in the elaboration of Port Development Plans as well as Operational & Business Models aiming to support sustainable development and investment decisions. All the outputs elaborated in the frame of DIONYSUS ensured the alignment with specific EU future Transport, TEN-T and Cohesion Policy objectives, making DIONYSUS a key instrument to efficiently implement the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

The final results of the DIONYSUS project are available for download here.