2017 CEF Transport Blending MAP Call

The 2017 CEF Transport Blending MAP Call for Proposals, opened on 8 February 2017, makes €1 billion of funding available for projects of common interest in the transport sector aiming at maximising the leverage of private involvement and capital in the delivery of CEF Transport projects. This call is open to all EU Member States.

The 2017 CEF Transport Blending Call for Proposals has two cut-off dates for the submission of proposals: 14 July 2017 and 12 April 2018.

The budget for innovation was topped-up by 350 million for innovation (from 140 million to 490 million euro). The EC wants to increase EU support to alternative fuels through the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure on the core transport network, clean public transport and shared vehicles. There is a possibility for innovation projects in non-cohesion countries to be supported by another financial institution than EIB/EFSI. The required size of innovation projects has been decreased to 5 million euro. Projects in core urban nodes with an alternative fuel component can be supported under the innovation priority. Innovation applicants from the 1st deadline may re-apply before the 2nd deadline if they believe that the changes could have an impact on their application. Inland waterway players are encouraged to apply for clean vessels, alternative refueling infrastructure, shore side electricity or related projects. Call closure on 12 April 2018. Meanwhile, by December, the selection from the 1st cut-off date will be approved and it will become clear how much remains for each priority.

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