RIS Week – Edition June 2019

The upcoming RIS Week will be hosted within the framework of the Romanian Council Presidency by the Romanian Ministry of Transport in cooperation with Galati Lower Danube River Administration AFDJ and Romanian Naval Authority RNA  from 3rd to 7th June 2019 in the city center of Galați.

Register now by following the link below. Registration deadline is 30 April 2019!


The Common Issues Meeting on 5th June 2019 will be held in the museum of Natural Sciences „Răsvan Angheluţă“ in the botanical garden of Galați. It aims at discussing on how the European Committee for drawing up common standards in the field of information technology in inland navigation (CESNI/TI) will be set up. Consultants of DG Move are invited to present the state of play of the evaluation of the RIS Directive 2005/44/EC. In addition, an update on the European policy developments with regards to RIS, DINA and DTLF will be given. An exciting meeting is awaiting us!

Galați is a busy destination at that time with a limited number of accommodations, so make sure to book your travel arrangements as soon as possible! Please be aware that the travel time from “Henri Coandă” (Otopeni) Airport in Bucharest to Galați is about 4 hours and make sure to reserve enough time for your outward journey. At the airport a shuttle service to Galați will be available every 30 minutes to pick you up.

A Practical Guide to the RIS Week including useful travel information and a list of hotels close to the meeting venue is attached to this mail. Further details on the venue of EG Meetings will be announced soon.

The upcoming RIS Week will be hosted under the Romanian Council Presidency. Participants will therefore be kindly asked to also register via the online accreditation system of the Romanian Council Presidency. The link to the survey will be distributed within the next weeks.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Galați.

Your local host and organization team, the EG chairs & viadonau event support team

Galati Lower Danube River Administration
(local host)
Claudiu Dutu +40 735 303 238 (mob.)
viadonau (event support)
Katrin Haselbauer
+ 43 664 80842 1619 (mob.)
katrin.haselbauer@viadonau.org or risweek@viadonau.org
Romanian Naval Authority (local host)
Iulian Dobre
+ 40 755 143 777 (mob.)
Directorate of the Naval Transport (local host)
Gabriela Murgeanu